Yogi has unbearable ride as stowaway on trash truck

BERTIE COUNTY, NC (WITN) - A bear went for quite a ride this morning through a couple of Eastern Carolina counties.

A tractor-trailer hauling trash into Bertie County had a bear trapped on top of the big rig.

Apparently, the hungry bear was able to climb into the back of the truck during a stop. It became trapped after the driver pulled netting over the trash which keeps it from blowing out.

Sheriff John Holley said at least one driver called in after seeing the bear stuck on the tractor-trailer as it traveled down the U.S. 17 Bypass. The sheriff said a deputy went out and stopped the truck just outside of Windsor.

The driver, who was unaware of his stowaway, pulled the netting back so the bear could climb down.

The bear ran off, apparently with a full belly, while the truck continued onto the landfill.