Winterville middle school students take part in anti-bullying performance

WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Hundreds of local kids received a powerful message about bullying on Monday.

Students at A.G. Cox Middle School in Winterville took in a performance by New York City-based dance crew J-Line.

The show, called Beat Bullying Together, features singing and dancing and incorporates messages about bullying, supporting each other, and making positive decisions in life.

Kids we spoke with say it was a great show and a fun way to learn some important lessons.

"It was set to a dance, which was really cool, and there was messages through the dance as they were dancing so it was cool, and the teachers, I guess you kind of know them, so it's different coming from somebody you don't know," explains Katie Bowers and Ava Saint Just, two of the attendees.

All of the school's 6th through 8th graders were able to take part in the show.