Winner in Bob 93.3's Tuition Mission

WINTERVILLE, NC (WITN) A lucky local college student is $5,000 richer after winning the Bob 93.3 Tuition Mission contest.

Markus McCrary was awarded the $5,000 grand prize after competing in over a dozen events over the past two days.

The challenges included delivering a weather forecast at our WITN studio with meteorologist Charlie Ironmonger.

McCrary is a full time business student at PCC and says the money will go a long way in helping him achieve his goals. "It's life changing. It's something I really needed at this moment. I was kind of struggling a little bit trying to figure it out, you know, keeping my grade point average up and still focus without worrying about finances too much, but this is a really big help."

The runners-up received awards of $750.00 and $250.00.