West Craven High School gets iPads for every student

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VANCEBORO, N.C. (WITN) - Students at one high school in the east received a big surprise Monday.

1,009 iPads were given out at West Craven High School, which is one for every student.

The tablets are part of an initiative by the school system to give kids technology that can individualize learning in the classroom and help them utilize apps and technology that's needed every day.

School administrators say they are very excited and will use the iPads in every subject, even P.E. where they're planning to take advantage of physical fitness apps on the tablet.

"It's a one-stop shop of resources and it's handy, it's small, it's not like a big bulky laptop and it is pretty much going to replace our textbooks," explains Principal Tabari Wallace. "We can load our textbooks up on this device and we plan on the students having this device from 9th grade all the way through graduation."

West Craven High School is the first high school and the third school in the county to receive enough devices for every student.

The board of education has already approved the budget to allow the 1:1 ratio to continue for all students grades 3 through 12.