Water slowly receding in Pollocksville and Maysville​

JONES COUNTY, NC (WITN) Highway 17 between Pollocksville and Maysville is still closed due to several feet of water over the road, and Pollocksville Mayor Jay Bender says it is still unknown when the road will be able to re-open.

There's still no power, no water, and no entrance into Maysville from the north. The White Oak River runs through the south side of Maysville near Belgrade, and that area is still flooded with several feet of water, but locals say Thursday's water level is about 5 feet lower than it was just a few days ago.

Pollocksville, also still without power, is 7 miles north of Maysville on Highway 17, and the mayor said nearly all of the buildings in the town had standing water inside.

Bender says, "The building housing the Post Office probably had 6 feet of water in it. The building that houses our town government had probably about 12 feet of water in it. I would say probably 60 percent of the homes, maybe more, maybe 70 percent of the homes in Pollocksville got some level of water."

The Salvation Army brought in assistance from all over the country, and Thursday they provided Pollocksville with 400 free hot lunches, and they had another station set up in Maysville and Swansboro.

Bender says that it is really just a waiting game as to when the water will recede along Highway 17 and that will determine when the road can be opened.