Watching out for icy roads as temperatures drop Friday night

EASTERN CAROLINA, NC (WITN) Eastern North Carolina got a lot of snow on Thursday and even though much of it melted there are still dangers to be aware of.

Even though the roads seemed fine, waking up Friday morning, a lot of the melted snow and standing water will ice over Friday night and into Saturday morning as temperatures drop.

Residents around the area want to warn drivers of the dangers black ice can bring.

Yony Villeda works at Advanced Auto Parts and spends most of his day on the road.

He says a lot of issues he sees on the road are distracted drivers, which can cause even more accidents when the roads are bad.

Natalya Small works at Ollies in Greenville and she agrees. "I would suggest that they just drive slow and take their time. If it already takes you thirty minutes to get to work go ahead and prepare for that hour to get to work so that you’re there on time appropriately," Small said.

Another tip to keep in mind is to make sure you are cleaning off the tops of your cars before driving.

Leaving snow and ice on the roof of your car can fly off while driving, and hit another vehicle that could potentially cause an accident.