Process to get new DMV location in Washington starts over

WASHINGTON, NC (WITN) - One Eastern Carolina county will go a lot longer without a place to get license plates than first expected.

The license plate agency in downtown Washington closed back on May 31st when the current operators retired.

At the time, the Division of Motor Vehicles said it was working with a new owner to get the license plate agency reopened as soon as possible.

But now the DMV is re-advertising for an operator in Beaufort County. Applicants have until November 8th to complete forms to be considered.

A DMV spokesman says their new contractor for Washington was unsuccessful in finding a location for the plate agency.

In the meantime, those in Beaufort County will have to go to Greenville, New Bern, or Williamston to get new vehicle tags or renewals.

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A local office of the State's Division of Motor Vehicles is closing down here in the East.

The license plate agency in Washington has officially closed their doors as of 5 pm Friday.

The DMV is working with a new owner to get the doors reopened as soon as possible.

While the process is underway of a new owner getting the agency back up and running, it could take up to 120 days.

Community members are shocked and saddened that it's going out of business.

"When we read that it was closed some week or two ago, we were just utterly amazed because we used it for a long time in Beaufort county.. at least back to 1988 maybe even before then," said George Kean, a Beaufort County resident.

Those who would usually use the license plate agency in Washington are encouraged to now go to Greenville or New Bern to have their license tags renewed or any other services they might need through the DMV.