Wanted man indicted in $4.8 million gold bar heist

WILSON COUNTY, NC (WITN) - A federal grand jury has indicted a man wanted for helping to steal millions of dollars worth of gold from a truck traveling through Eastern Carolina.

Pedro Santamaria, 56, was indicted for conspiring to commit a Hobbs Act robbery and hasn't been caught.

The FBI says Santamaria and two others managed to fill the cabin of the truck with noxious fumes as it was traveling up I-95 in Wilson County nearly four years ago. At gunpoint, the robbers tied up the transport company employees and made off with $4.8 million in gold bars.

The feds have been looking for Santamaria and last October they announced up to a $10,000 reward for his arrest

Adalberto Pereze and Roberto Cabrera were sentenced to over a decade behind bars for their part in the gold heist.