Want to work from home? N.C. among top 10 places in nation to do so

If you want to work from home, North Carolina may be the place to be.

A new survey from FlexJobs​ reveals that North Carolina is among the top 10 states in the nation to land a remote, or telecommuting, job.

Although it seems like remote jobs would allow a worker to be located anywhere, the survey says about 95% of opportunities require a specific location where a worker should be based.

The survey looked at remote jobs throughout the nation, including states with the most stay-at-home workers, the companies that are hiring them and the best industries for these types of jobs. In our state, Amgen, Lowe's and Pharmaceutical Product Development were the most active online recruiters, with medical and IT jobs among some of the most popular types of jobs available.

The survey says telecommuting continues to grow, as companies try to save money and reduce overhead.

Currently, about a quarter of Americans say they work from home at least part of the time. Those that do reported a nearly 75% increase in quality of life. They also say they saved money on things like food, gas and clothes.

In the first week of March, more than 200 remote jobs were posted across our state, adding to the 4,475 currently available.