Walmart stores implement new customer restrictions

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Walmart has started new customer restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The superstore announced it now will limit how many shoppers can enter, to roughly 20 percent of the store's capacity.

The stores corporate website says Walmart is also adding social distance markers, sneeze guards, and restrictions of entrances so that customers have one way out, and one way in.

Greenville shopper Johnnie Cox sees the benefits of Walmart limiting customers.

"I think it's very good, because it keeps the people safe," said Cox.

Some stores are limiting how many of some products shoppers can purchase, as well. Dressing rooms were also closed.

​Greenville shopper Tabatha Hall agrees with the new adjustments.

"It keeps them more in control of how many's in the store so that you can practice that social distancing," says Hall.

One advantages are the shorter lines.

"We didn't have any problems going in; didn't have to wait in the line. Um, they've done really good on stocking," Hall adds.

Tissue was still difficult to find at the Greenville Walmart's. And customers who attempt to enter when the store reaches that capacity may be asked to wait

Hall says the wait is worth it.

"For the health of me and my family, I wouldn't mind waiting," Hall said.

"It's safer for me and for other people, because we don't know who's carrying the germ, really," Cox adds.

Walmart's website says it has also expanded paid leave policies, began temperature checks, and offered gloves and masks for their employees.