Walmart delivery starting in Onslow County

Published: Jan. 21, 2019 at 8:27 PM EST
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Folks Jacksonville and Swansboro will soon have grocery store delivery at their fingertips.

For Walmart customers with disabilities, grocery pick-up is already a great perk when dealing with the pain.

Freda Yeck says, "I injured my knee several years ago, and sometimes it just hurts when I walk."

Beginning Thursday a point and a click online for customers of the three stores in Jacksonville and the location in Swansboro will all the grocery's to come to them.

Customer Julianne Froncek says, "The home delivery is going to be a big thing I think because I'm 100% disabled through the VA, and sometimes I do have difficulty walking."

In addition to those quality of life benefits, Walmart officials say the time folks will save not having to wander up and down aisles will be significant.

Store management says the new service could also help those still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Florence who don't have transportation.

All the customer needs to do is go to on their device, make their shopping list, and select delivery during that online checkout. There is a fee of roughly $7.00 to $10.00 that will be added onto the total which is paid online, so there's no payment done when the delivery driver comes to their door.

Customers must live within a 20 minute drive of one of the 4 locations now offering delivery, and orders must be a minimum of $50.00 before the delivery fee.