WITN'S Teacher of the Week: Gayle Hardy of New Bern High School

NEW BERN, WITN (NC) - This week’s WITN Teacher of the Week is Gayle Hardy of New Bern High School.

In the classroom, Hardy helps reinforce research-based reading strategies for struggling high school students.

Beyond helping students develop stronger learning skills, Hardy strives to create a bond with her students and encourages them to set goals for themselves.

She is described as selfless, embodying the true Bear Spirit of New Bern High School.

Hardy received recognition for her dedication to the school in 2014, when she was the spotlight teacher of the year at New Bern High School.

The person who nominated her wrote: “She is an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) teacher. AVID is a program where it teaches students in high school processes that sets them up for success. One of my favorite processes from AVID is the 3'' binder & planner. I didn't know how to stay organized in high school but once she introduced these processes, I benefited from them. Mrs. Hardy has a compassionate & energetic character while in class.”