WITN to air National Anthem every morning

WITN is bringing back a television tradition, airing the National Anthem at the start of its...
WITN is bringing back a television tradition, airing the National Anthem at the start of its broadcast day.(WITN)
Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 12:37 PM EDT
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It was a tradition for years – the playing of the national anthem at the end of television stations’ broadcast day.

Now WITN is bringing it back, in fact, all Gray Television stations, in 93 different markets across the country, will be airing the national anthem.

The tradition of airing the national anthem initially went away with 24-hour programming.

WITN will air the beautiful montage just before 4 am to mark the end of a broadcast day and kick-off the start of a brand new day.

In the daily tribute, Reina Özbay, 9, sings the National Anthem as patriotic displays are depicted across our country.

Reina studies opera and musical theater. She landed her first guest-starring role at the age of nine as Abigail in “The Chosen,” the number one crowdfunded film/TV project in history. When not performing, her mom says she enjoys tennis, swimming, bike riding, and drawing

Reina is from South Florida and started singing at the age of four. Her mother said, “Her birthday is July 3, and the evening she was born there was a massive fireworks display outside of the hospital window at the Milwaukee lakefront because they always did the big one on the 3rd - so it’s fun that she’s singing this song.”

Gray Media Group’s Executive Chairman and CEO, Hilton Howell, announced the initiative last week at the broadcast company’s annual news director summit.

WITN is very excited to take a moment every day to honor our country, our military members and all the beautiful places that we call home.