Voters turn out for Third Congressional District seat election day

Published: Sep. 10, 2019 at 6:54 PM EDT
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The Third Congressional District Special Election has seen voters consistently showing up to the polls throughout the day.

The Pitt County Board of Elections has already seen at least 12,000 residents show up to vote, including early voting, in the election.

Pitt County Board of Elections director Dave Davis has seen consistencies in the numbers.

Davis said, "Looking at the turnout we had at ten o'clock this morning, that is very close to the total number of what we had in 2018 and 2014; their primaries."

Voters have been motivated by issues that affect them directly. Paul Carey wants a candidate that will advocate for veterans.

Carey said, "I just like to see 'em take care of our veterans better. I mean, they give us a lot of mouth work, but they don't...nothing ever gets done. And that's one of my big things. And I hope who I vote for today will take that into consideration."

Betty Heyward has a list of issues that concerned her such as schools, jobs, and home building. She encourages everyone to get out and vote.​

"It's very important to put the people in the seat that can make changes in the laws. It's very important. please come out to vote," Heyward said.

Davis was impressed that despite changes due to Hurricane Dorian, many voters took advantage of early voting.

"Basically, it was so last minute—didn't really have time to advertise it, but we had more people vote in just that short window of time than we had any other day during one stop," said Davis.

Davis suggests that voters check their polling location and precinct before heading out to vote. Since Pitt County is split in two, the board of elections has received many calls for residents that are confused because they are trying to vote in the wrong district.

Carey and Heyward remind voters of the importance of going to the polls.

Carey said, "If you wanna keep it and keep free, then come out and vote."

Heyward said, "I always vote. I want my voice to be heard."

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