Pitt County says turnout higher so far in municipal election

Voters across the east can hit the polls and cast their ballot for municipal elections today.

The polls are open until 7:30 p.m..

If you plan to cast your ballot today, you can find your polling location here.

It Pitt County, election workers say turnout today at 4:00 p.m. is 268 less than the last municipal election in 2015. But when you add it early voters, turnout is actually ahead by 946 voters.

Remember, you won't be required to show a form of identification when you show up to your precinct, unless you didn't provide your driver's license or last four digits of your social security number when you registered to vote.

We'll have full coverage of Election Day on air and online.


Eastern Carolina residents have one last chance Saturday to cast their votes early in their local elections.

Saturday is the last day for early one-stop voting, with polls opening at 9 a.m. across the region.

While most counties' one-stop sites are their local board of elections offices, those offices are not the only places where ballots can be cast.

Pitt County residents can vote at one of five locations including the Alice F. Keene Park Center, Pitt County Agricultural building and County Office Building.

Lenoir residents can vote at the Teachers Community Gym and LaGrange Community Building along with the county Board of Elections office.

In Onslow County, voters will have to cast their ballots at the Commons Center in Jacksonville according to the N.C. state board of elections website.

Anyone who wants to register to vote today should bring a valid driver's license or other identification proving residency in districts. A complete list of voting sites across Eastern North Carolina is available online at One-Stop Voting Sites

If you can't make it out during this early voting period, you can still vote in municipal elections Nov. 7 provided you have already registered.