Vidant injury prevention specialists offer safe driving reminders as kids head back to school

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) With the start of the school year just days away, specialists at Vidant Medical Center are encouraging you to take some simple steps to help keep kids safe.

Injury Prevention Coordinator Ellen Walston encourages drivers to slow down near school zones and crosswalks.

She says parents should follow the drop off procedure at their children's schools and not pick up or drop off students across the street from the school.

She says drivers should not double park or stop in crosswalks because it blocks the visibility of children.

Walston says drivers need to be careful around school buses as well and make sure they watch for stop arms and flashing lights. She says parents should consider carpooling to reduce traffic near schools or taking advantage of buses.

Walston says, "School buses are the safest mode of transportation. When it's a school bus versus a car, school bus is going to win every time. Those, they're like tanks and they do safely transport our children."

Walston encourages using book bags or clothing items with reflective material during early morning hours when it's dark outside.