United Way launches community needs survey

PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) - The United Way of Pitt County has launched its first needs assessment survey in ten years and is looking for community feedback.

Dwain Cooper says staff are looking for feedback on community strengths and weaknesses in areas the United Way may be able to help with like housing, healthcare, education and other resources.

The online survey asks you to check the boxes of things you're concerned about or interested in like lack of jobs and unemployment, workforce readiness, payment for dental work and/or nutritional education.

Cooper says anyone living in Pitt County is invited to take the survey because these topics affect everyone.

"Its for the community, if you're living in the community then these issues affect you, it doesn't matter your socio-economic status or whether you think its for you or not. Housing is housing. Just like people need rental assistance, you have homeowners that need mortgage assistance so its for anybody," he said.

Cooper says the survey results will guide how the United Way allocates financing to its difference services and resources in the coming years.

You can take the survey here.