Coast Guard veteran saves woman's life in Currituck County

CURRITUCK COUNTY, NC (WITN) - A hero's thank you for a U.S. Coast Guard veteran who saved a woman's life Wednesday in Currituck County.

According to EMS reports, The 29 year old woman lost control of her vehicle and went into a canal on Poyners Road in Currituck. The vehicle became submerged in the canal, that was at least 5 feet deep.

The vehicle briefly floated 15 feet across the canal and started to fill with water. The woman inside was able to get out through the sun roof, but couldn't swim.
Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer Jeff Brundage was driving home when he saw the woman. He said, She was in a state of panic.

Brundage entered the 50 degree water, swam to the vehicle, and rescued the woman as first responders were arrived on scene.

The driver was not injured and was assessed by Currituck County EMS, but refused treatment. Currituck County's Sheriff's Office is still investigating the accident.

The sheriff said it's good to have brave residents like Chief Warrant Officer Jeff Brundage as apart of the community.