US, Afghan leaders agree on peace push, Taliban doesn't

STILL UNTITLED: US Troop Removal from Afghanistan
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WASHINGTON (AP) - Despite U.S. support, the Afghan government's surprising new peace offer to the Taliban is immediately running into a wall.

The insurgents show no sign of shifting from their demand that talks for a conflict-ending compromise take place with Washington, not Kabul.

The impasse is blocking a diplomatic path out of America's longest-running war and could prove as fateful as battlefield fortunes.

The Trump administration says it's escalating pressure on the Taliban to advance a negotiated solution to the fighting. But diplomacy is a distant second to military efforts right now, and the U.S. isn't offering carrots of its own to persuade the militants to lay down their arms.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's (ahsh-RAHF gah-NEEz) new peace effort includes incentives for Taliban that join negotiations.

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