Student threatened to 'shoot up' UNC-Charlotte

Published: Mar. 22, 2018 at 2:15 PM EDT
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A student suspected of threatening to shoot up University of North Carolina Charlotte is out of jail, and students at the school are now on alert.

“There was a sound in my exam today, and everyone like looked around, and that’s just kind of a shame that we have to be on alert like that,” said one student who asked not to be identified.

Matthew Saavedra, 20, was arrested by deputies in North Carolina Tuesday afternoon, according to school officials. Saavedra was charged with a Class 1 felony count of falsely reporting mass violence on an education property, according to a notification sent by UNCC.

The former student was removed from UNC Charlotte after allegedly telling a doctor during a voluntary mental health evaluation at a hospital near his hometown of King, N.C. that he wanted to shoot up the university.

Court documents also showed the student said he loves “watching humans getting killed” and could not wait to buy a gun and shoot the university up. The documents also revealed the man had been watching YouTube videos of Columbine and other school shootings, concluding “most school shooters are not successful, because they don’t plan the attack.”