Two women charged with trying to smuggle drugs in tennis shoes to inmate

CARTERET COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Two Eastern Carolina women are accused of trying to smuggle drugs into jail with a pair of tennis shoes.

Star / O'Neill / Smith

Carteret County deputies say Misty Jones, 29, of Gloucester, was charged Thursday with possessing and conspiring to deliver methamphetamine, possession by deliver to an inmate, and aiding and abetting an inmate when she tried to smuggle a gram of meth to Stephen O'Neill.

Jackie Smith, 61, was arrested last month on the same charges.

Deputies say back in November they learned from the District Attorney's Office that drugs could be smuggled into the jail. They say O'Neill asked Smith to bring him drugs over an inmate phone. Calls made with that phone system are recorded, according to deputies.

In December, deputies say a pair of black Ozark Trail tennis shoes were dropped off under the guise that an inmate needed non-slip shoes for a work release assignment. Inside both shoes, deputies found drugs inside a hollowed out area beneath the padding of each shoe.

"Thanks to the system, investigators were able to hear the conversation, identify who the suspects were and intercept the contraband before it was distributed throughout the detention center," said Sheriff Asa Buck.

O'Neill, who was awaiting rape and kidnapping charges, is now also charged with conspiring to deliver methamphetamine and aiding and abetting the delivery of drugs to inmates.