Two dogs shot and killed in Craven County, suspect arrested

CRAVEN COUNTY, NC (WITN) Two dogs were shot and killed in a neighborhood in New Bern, authorities say by a family member, who is now charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

Deputies say Carnell Pearson called 911, telling them he killed two dogs.

Shavondea Wesley said she got the call saying her dogs were dead and found out her uncle said that he shot both dogs in the head.

Deputy Sara Rodgers with Craven County Sheriff's Office said, "When I asked him if he felt like he was in danger, or what was happening, and he said well they are pit bulls, he shot them because they were pit bulls. The dogs did not charge at him, they did not bark at him. I feel that he was biased against pit bulls and he came into that property and purposely shot them."

Wesley said the dogs were her kids and part of their family. "My daughter got one of the puppies because her dad died and wanted to get her a puppy before he died," Wesley said.

Wesley's brother buried the pets next to the family home. He said he just wants justice for the dogs and he loves and misses them.

Wesley wants justice too and started a petition as the case moves through the courts. "I just want the world to know that animals are not bad. My dogs were pit bulls but it's how you raise your dogs, not all dogs are mean and bad."

Deputy Rodgers said this was an inexcusable act and Craven County is serious about animal abuse saying they do not tolerate animal cruelty.

Pearson's next court date is set for August.

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