Havelock being cited for repeated sewage overflows from same manhole

HAVELOCK, NC (WITN) - The state is citing Havelock for repeated sewage overflows from the same manhole.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Environmental Quality late today said that the city would be cited for today's spill of some 43,800 gallons of sewage that escaped from a troubled sewer line on Oakwood Drive.

In the past three years, there have been at least 14 sewage spills from the same manhole and that untreated mess is getting into tributaries of the Neuse River.

Since last January, state environmental officers have fined Havelock more than $10,000 for the spills.

The DEQ spokeswoman says the city is investigating design and process changes to prevent future spills during heavy rain events. Havelock has used smoke testing, cameras, and meters to identify locations where that rainwater is getting into the sewer system, according to the DEQ.

The state agency says Havelock was cited just this morning for another overflow, while it will send out another violation notice next week for today's spill.

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There has been yet another big sewage spill, the second in the past 11 days, from a troubled sewer line in one Eastern Carolina city.

Havelock announced today that some 43,800 gallons of sewage escaped from a manhole on Oakwood Drive. The sewage got into Caps Branch, which flows into Slocum Creek.

Back on January 24th, the city said another 34,800 gallons escaped from the same manhole.

The sewer line on Oakwood Drive has seen at least 14 overflows in the past three years. The biggest spill was 200,000 gallons.

The state Department of Environmental Quality has fined the city in the past for spills and was notified of this latest one.

The city said last May that it has spent over $700,000 on repair work on the troubled sewage line.