Florence Update: Tropical Depression Florence to move through NC Mountains

Published: Sep. 1, 2018 at 6:49 AM EDT
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Florence, now a tropical depression, has started to turn north and is picking up speed. This will take the center of the storm near Asheville tonight into early Monday morning.

Rain bands over Eastern NC will slowly break up. We will see less frequent showers Sunday night and into the start of the work week. Winds have returned to more normal speeds in our area.

Heavy rains that fall to the west and northwest of our area will need to drain through our area rivers, so while the storm surge flooding event is now over, river flooding of record breaking proportion is happening for some rivers. Check other stories on our website for river level details.

Tropical Depression Florence
Currents as of 11pm Sunday

Category: Tropical Depression

Sustained Winds: 30 mph

Pressure: 1007 mb

Movement: North 10 mph

Location: 35.5N, 82.2W, over the NC Mountains


A few remaining rain bands will produce periods of rain with some downpours. Rain will become less frequent.

River Levels: A few rivers in the area will crest at record height. Other rivers will continue to swell through mid week. See other stories on this website for more details.

Peak Wind Gusts

New River Inlet: 112 mph

Fort Macon: 105 mph

Cape Lookout: 97 mph

Cherry Point: 87 mph

Jacksonville: 86 mph

Croatan: 81 mph

Frisco Woods: 80 mph

Ocracoke: 80 mph

Many areas over southern counties will end up with 15-30" of total rainfall. New totals will be added to this story as we receive them. Swansboro has already broken the North Carolina record for most rain from any weather system at over 30 inches.