Traffic alert for Highway 70 in Havelock

HAVELOCK, NC (WITN) - A big traffic alert in Havelock is changing traffic flow in the area because of work on the Slocum Flyover in the area of Highway 70.

City officials say traffic will be reduced to one east-bound and one west-bound lane on Highway 70. Two-way traffic will run side-by-side on the same side of the highway.

The city says work starts Tuesday at 8:30 P.M and runs until 4 A.M. It will continue during those times on the 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 30th , May 1st and May 2nd.

Be advised that for safety reasons, city crews will halt all traffic for 5 to 30 minute moments on all lanes of U-S 70 in that area.