Humberto staying well off U.S.coast

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As of Monday morning, Hurricane Humberto had winds of 85 mph and was moving to the NE at 5 mph. Further intensification is expected over the next few days with a possibility of category 2 strength winds by Wednesday as the storm moves further away from the U.S.. Once it passes near Bermuda Wednesday, Humberto will encounter less favorable conditions, weakening quickly over cooler waters later this week.

Humberto will track eastward towards Bermuda early this week. The storm will pass close to the island on Wednesday before headed out to sea late week.

ENC Impacts
With the center of the storm expected to stay about 300+ miles off our coast, impacts will be minimal. Increased wave heights along with a high risk of dangerous rip currents will impact the beaches throughout the week, diminishing over the weekend.