Tissue shortages causing plumbing issues, plumbing company warns residents

Published: Apr. 19, 2020 at 2:56 PM EDT
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Plumbers are warning residents about flushing items that aren't tissue down your toilets.

Delcor Plumbing, in Greenville, says they've been busy lately.

Their plumbers have been answering several calls about clogged toilets because customers have been trying to flush items that should never go into the commode.

Stephen Grzanka with Delcor Plumbing says to avoid flushing non-tissue products.

“As an example, we have paper towels, blue shock towels, brown paper towels, wipes, among other things that really aren’t recommended." Grzanka saYS.

Tissue shortages have affected several stores in the east, causing customers to use things like napkins instead because they can't find any toilet paper or are trying to conserve it.

Grzanka warns flushing alternative products is not a good idea.

“It will clog up the sewer line. Depending on the line, it will catch some debris that’s in there. It will build up, build up, back up, back up. And then we have to send our plumbers out there and they run snakes down the systems and it could actually be a costly expense," Grzanka said.

Flushing a paper towel from a five-dollar pack, could end up costing between $300 to $600 to repair.

Some non-tissue items that say they are safe to flush may actually not be.

“They’re not biodegradable like tissue is. It takes a long time for those items to break down. I know that they say that they are septic safe, but essentially they’re not always septic safe," Grzanka added.

Grzanka also says to avoid overloading your sewer line if the entire family is at home, as your pipes may not be used to that many people at the same time.

One way to avoid this, for example, is by not taking a shower and washing clothes simultaneously.