Thousands of students move into ECU dorms

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) ECU students have started moving in for the upcoming school year that's seeing an increase in freshman enrollment at 5%.

ECU says there has been a drop in overall enrollment that they say is due to last years large graduating class.

ECU's Interim Chancellor Dan Gerlach says it's because of the new renovations and new additions to campus that freshman enrollment is seeing this increase.

Gerlach says, "It's just really a testament to the hard work by our housing, by our student affairs people to make this a great living community. It's not only about the high quality of education going on here, it's making sure people have a safe and comfortable place to reside."

Lindsay Wendel moved into the newly renovated Greene Residence Hall Wednesday afternoon, part of the $74 million effort by ECU to improve student life.

"I think I'm going to feel a little bit of all those emotions, like, I'm excited to do something new and get out there and make new friends. I'm also anxious because I don't know what I'm getting into," says Wendel.

Captain Chris Sutton with the ECU Police Department says safety is a top priority and they will be working hard to enforce run, hide, fight should students come face to face with an active shooter situation.

He says, "We want it to be second nature."

Sutton also says the department will take part in aggressive social media and training for students, faculty, and staff.

Move in at ECU continues through Friday with classes set to start on Monday.