250 attend 'March for Science' rally in Washington NC

Published: Apr. 22, 2017 at 4:03 PM EDT
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More than 250 people attended a March for Science rally in the east Saturday.

Coinciding with Earth Day and marches around the world, the march in Washington was organized by a new progressive organization, 'Beaufort County Indivisble'.

In a press release, the group said "While scientists generally stay away from politics, the antagonism many politicians have expressed toward science has prompted them to take a stand. At risk are millions of dollars in funding for research and monitoring in areas of public health, the environment, energy development and agriculture."

Several people spoke at the event including Mary Farwell, director of undergraduate research at East Carolina University, Philip Ninan, chief scientific officer for eMind Science Corp, Ed Rhine, a retired math and science teacher and Save Blounts Creek organizer and Jennifer Alligood, board member of the NC Wildlife Federation.

“This is incredible,” said march organizer Dawn Dolson. “I can’t remember a time when so many people have marched in Washington, North Carolina. There’s only so much stupid people are willing to take.”


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Thousands of people are expected to attend March for Science events around the world to promote the understanding of science and defend it from various attacks, including U.S. government budget cuts.

The March for Science was dreamed up at the Women's March on Washington, a day after President Donald Trump's inauguration in January.

Saturday is also Earth Day.

The march puts scientists - who generally shy away from advocacy and whose work depends on objective experimentation - into a more public position.

Scientists involved in the march say they're anxious about political and public rejection of established science such as climate change and the safety of vaccines.