Third charter school could be coming to Pitt County

Published: Sep. 27, 2017 at 7:41 PM EDT
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There could be more options for students as more organizations are applying to create charter schools in the east.

Right now, there are two charters schools in Pitt County, but members of Rising Above the Stars Academy hope to become the third.

They submitted their application to the state to begin classes in fall of 2019 for kindergarten through second grades.

The Winterville school would be located on Mill Street where there is currently an after school program.

They say the academy would focus on the STEM program and entrepreneurship.

While charter schools are funded through public dollars, like public schools, it doesn't cost to attend.

However, money that public schools receive dwindles when students leave for charter schools, which some say can be a cause for concern.

"Some of it comes down to funding, we all know public schools could use more funding, we all want small classes and more teachers and things like that, so we want as much funding for our public schools as possible," says Kylene Dibble, the executive director of Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County.

"We're using the Biblical principal to train the child in the way they should go and train them at the kindergarten level in building skills of how to build a business plan, what it takes to be a successful business owner, we're basically incorporating their natural born ability to be creative," explains Crystal Lee, the site coordinator.

In 2012, the state lifted the 100 charter school cap and since then, 73 more have been created in the past five years.