Technicians offer tips to keep HVACs running smoothly this winter

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ONSLOW COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - As we prepare for the cooler weather to stick around through next week, we'll all be looking for ways to keep warm, which usually starts right in our own homes.

Manley Heating and Cooling, located in Onslow County, says heading into January they'll enter into their peak season with many residents dealing with broken HVAC units.

In order to keep warmth running in your home, technicians recommend keeping your heat going all day long versus turning it on and off, which actually takes more electricity.

Technicians also recommend regular checks of your HVAC filter.

"Rule of thumb, I tell everyone, at least check it once a month," says Anthony Snodgrass, an HVAC technician. "If it still looks clean, give it another month. If you look at it and it looks very, you may even go as far as to pull it out and see if you can see light through it. If you can see light through it then air can get through it."

Snodgrass also says preventing excess water from falling on your unit will stop ice build up, which could block your HVAC fan.