Teacher rally meant more subs for some schools

WASHINGTON NC, (WITN) While several schools in the east canceled classes Wednesday so teachers could attend the rally in Raleigh, others continued on and say it was pretty much business as usual.

Beaufort County was among the school districts that did not cancel class.

At Washington high school, only four teachers used a personal day to make the trip to the state capital.

Michael Swinson, Washington High School Principal says, "This is a typical absence day. We have 62 teachers out here in Washington high school. Three or four teachers out in the middle of the week once in a while for various reasons occurs quite often, so that's not abnormal"

Principal Swinson says they did not struggle to find subs to fill in for those teachers. He says he is just happy they were able to keep their doors open to students.

Martin County and Lenoir County Schools also told WITN that this rally was not affecting the students in the classroom with only a handful of teachers in each of the districts schools making the trip to Raleigh.