Sylvan Heights Bird Park prepares to reopen to visitors under phase two

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SCOTLAND NECK, NC (WITN) - Sylvan Heights Bird Park is getting ready to reopen to visitors under phase two of Governor Cooper's modified order.

Starting Saturday, Brent Lubbock, Director of Operations and Development at Sylvan Heights, says the park will be reopen to all visitors.

He says the park has been open to members for two weeks since phase one began, so they have been able to test out some of the safety protocols in place.

"We have signage throughout the park. We have a certain direction we send the visitors so no one is crossing over each other. We have sanitation sections throughout the park so people can keep clean. There will be parts we keep closed, like the playground," said Brent Lubbock

Lubbock says they are doing everything they can to make guests feel safe when visiting the bird park.

"The businesses that are taking the right procedures, and I'm happy to say we are one of them, can make visitors and staff feel safe when they come out," Lubbock said.

As for the birds, Lubbock says they have been doing great and have been taken care of throughout the pandemic.

Although the park is able to reopen, they are still working to make up for lost revenue in the time they were closed. Lubbock says there are a lot of options to support the park right now, including becoming a member, feeding a duck or sponsoring a tree.

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