Swansboro students work to improve water quality

Published: Apr. 24, 2019 at 8:05 PM EDT
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With help from members of the North Carolina Coastal Federation, more than 20 students from Swansboro Middle School dug holes, planted the greenery, and mulched the entire rain garden .

Rain Gardens are constructed shallow depressions that contain native plants and mulch and they help adsorb storm water runoff, so it soaks into the ground versus running off into local water sources like the nearby White Oak River.

With polluted water becoming a growing concern, students had an opportunity to make a big impact with just a small act.

Coastal Education Coordinator Rachel Bisesi said, "Polluted storm water runoff is actually the number one pollutant to our coastal water quality here and having an opportunity where students can be part of the solution, is just a great way for them to get out in the community and help in a tangible way."

Wednesday's project is part of a much bigger initiative with the town of Swansboro.