Suspect in an Eastern Carolina murder still out there after 22 years

Published: Apr. 2, 2019 at 7:09 PM EDT
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She was an Eastern Carolina mother, sister, aunt and daughter and nearly 22 years ago she was murdered and authorities say the suspect is still on the loose.

Rebecca Garcia was murdered in Snow Hill on May 17th, 1997 but her family is renewing their fight to bring closure to her case.

"She was very pretty and smart, she was very playful. She was in the beauty pageant," said her mother Charlotte Moore.

Her daughter Rebecca Moore was a young mother when she met Ramirez Garcia and her mother says they wed quickly.

"She told me she thought that maybe he'd be a good daddy for Corby," said Moore.

After a few months of marriage Moore says their relationship turned abusive and Rebecca moved out.

A year later her sister Beverly Wilkerson was getting her kids ready to go to a baseball game when her father came to the door with her nephew.

"And he said your sister's been murdered," said Wilkerson.

Rebecca Garcia's family says she went to Greene County to pay for a speeding ticket. She was staying the night with a friend at a mobile home along Highway 58 on the night she was killed. Greene County Sheriff Lemmie Smith worked the case as a detective.

"We had witnesses there that said her husband, Mr. Garcia had come in the house and shot her," said Smith.

"She was in bed with her baby. She was not threatening nobody," said Charlotte Moore, still emotional talking about her daughter's death.

A warrant the day of the murder charges Ramirez Garcia with first degree murder in the case, but for 22 years, it's never been served.

"He got a ride with some van line and made it to Mexico before we could get him," said Sheriff Smith.

Smith says his office turned the case over to the FBI but it's been years since there have been any developments. The suspect in Rebecca Garcia's murder is still out there.

Charlotte Moore did her own work over the years trying to bring Ramirez Garcia back to the United States. She contacted Interpol and even the White House.

"They've reached out to so many people and you know not getting responses and stuff makes it even harder," said Kayce Waters, Rebecca Garcia's niece who is now a mother herself.

She recently took the search into her own hands, posting about the case on Facebook in the hopes someone may have seen Ramirez Garcia.

"I've seen a lot of people do it that way and they end up finding them," said Waters.

It's a decision that came after another tragedy hit the family. Rebecca Garcia's son Corby Moses was murdered in an unrelated crime last June. The man charged in that case is expected in court later this year.

Now the Moore's say they just want closure in his mother's murder.

"We need justice. We need justice for her," said Beverly Wilkerson.

"I still haven't forgotten her," said Charlotte Moore, "I loved her and I still do."

If you have any information about Ramirez Garcia's whereabouts, contact the Greene County Sheriff's Office at 252-747-3411.