Summer Science: Homemade strong bubbles recipe & uv light demonstration

WILSON, NC (WITN) - The unofficial start of summer arrives with Memorial Day on Monday, May 27 and for many families pool and beach season is here.

Award-winning science teacher Covey Denton illustrated how UV light permeates different sunscreens and introduced her homemade strong bubbles recipe on WITN News at Sunrise Thursday.

Be sure to watch the attached video to see the demonstrations!

Denton brought bags of small beads that are sensitive to UV light the way human skin is. She lathered the bags in different sunscreens and then used small UV flashlights to show the sunscreens' effectiveness.

Generally, the higher number SPF sunscreens block the most light.

Some sunscreens perform by actually absorbing the UV photons with chemicals, others are actual sun blocks and block the UV rays from reaching your skin.

The color-changing beads serve as a reminder of what happens to your skin in the sun and to use sunscreen, hats and clothing to protect yourself throughout the summer.

Backyard bubbles:
For backyard fun this summer, Ms. Denton has an easy, clean and economical recipe for making super-strong bubbles. Glycerin, she says, is the secret to making huge bubbles with a baby swimming pool and hula hoop.

Blue Dish Soap (Dawn soap gives the best bubbles) – 1 cup
Distilled Water (or soft water) – 12-13 cups
Glycerin – 1 Tablespoon
You could buy a gallon of distilled water and pour a little bit out. Then add in the cup of dish soap and glycerin and mix gently. You want to prevent foam from forming at the top. You can also mix in a bowl and use a funnel to fill back up the gallon jug. You can store it all summer!

Remember to leave the solution standing for a few hours, overnight if possible before using for bubbles.

To make "bubble snakes" or bubble blowers you can upcycle a plastic soda bottle. Denton cuts the bottoms off the bottle and uses tape to secure a tube sock around the hole over the bottom. You dip the sock-covered bottom into the bubble mixture and blow through the top to make huge, floating bubble chains.

Covey Denton is an award-winning science teacher at the Greenfield School in Wilson, NC. She and her kids make regular appearances on WITN News at Sunrise.