Students design beeping Easter eggs to help visually impaired students

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) It was a traditional Easter egg hunt with a heart tugging twist at a Pitt County elementary school Wednesday.

Third grade students at Wintergreen Intermediate in Greenville wore blindfolds as they searched for Easter eggs in the school courtyard.

It was all so students could experience the hunt the way their blind classmate, Landon Smith does.

STEM lab students at Ayden Middle School designed eggs that give off a tone so that Landon and the other kids could use their ears and not their eyes to find the eggs.

His best friend Emma Leonard says she's glad they could hunt for the eggs together. She says, "Now I actually see how his life is, and um, yeah, it makes me feel happy that he gets to do all that."

Grant funds allowed the STEM students to buy enough supplies to build 48 of the special eggs.