Stormwater drainage improvements planned for Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WITN) A main street in Jacksonville that frequently floods is getting a new stormwater drainage system.

Jacksonville leaders are discussing the next steps of the downtown revitalization project.

Leaders say they will replace the stormwater drainage system downtown because streets flood during storms.

They said the water frequently gets above sidewalks on New Bridge street, and has gotten into businesses. The city provides businesses with sandbags to avoid water getting in, but a new system is expected to solve the issue.

Wally Hansen, Jacksonville Public Services Director says, "We do have flooding during rain events, normal summer storms, so we will be addressing the flooding."

The city's public services department is working on a plan to present to city council next month, and they then will begin looking at potential contractors.

The project will also put new medians in New Bridge Street with landscaping, as well as resurface the road and re-do the sidewalks. They hope work will begin this spring.