Stop Washing That Chicken!

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(NBC News) - Should you rinse raw poultry? Advice over the years has been conflicting.

How do you prepare chicken? If you answer includes a quick rinse in your sink, the USDA says you need to stop immediately. (NBC News Channel)

Even cooking legends Julia Child and Jacques Pepin disagreed, but a new study from the Department of Agriculture has a definitive answer: Don’t do it!

“The sink could be a source of cross-contamination,” warns the USDA’s Dr. Mindy Brashears.

Using test kitchens, the USDA observed test subjects cooking chicken thighs, then preparing a salad.

When they washed the chicken, 26% transferred bacteria to the ready-to-eat lettuce.

Most didn’t attempt to clean the sink in between, and even when they did 14% still were contaminated.

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