Still looking for your IRS stimulus check?

WASHINGTON, DC (WITN) - Millions of Americans are still waiting for that IRS stimulus check.

If you haven't received your check yet, there could be several reasons why that has happened.

One is that the bank information the IRS has for you is no longer valid, for example, if you changed banks since you last filed your taxes. In that case, after the feds get notification from the bank that the account no longer exists, the IRS will then mail out a paper check.

If you didn't use direct deposit for your tax refund, the deadline has passed to get that information to the IRS and they will send out paper checks to those people, as well.

The IRS has set up a "get my payment" page to learn more about where your check is. Many have complained it's full of glitches. You can try it here.

If you're getting a paper check, the U.S. Postal Service has an "informed delivery service". You must first create an account, verify your identity, and then preview incoming mail as it goes through their sorting centers. To sign up, you can click here.

The IRS also says you can now actually call them with questions. They say if you call 800-919-9835, there will be an automated message to help answer most questions and eventually you can speak to a real person.