State clean up crew gets to work in Duplin County.

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The NCDOT has awarded a $2.27 million contract to the Graham County Land Company to remove litter from interstates and roadways and Tuesday, crews were working in Duplin County.

Bucky Jackson, Vice President of the Graham County Land Company, says, "We're picking up litter on a lot of the interstate routes in North Carolina. We're doing ten divisions."

Not only is the litter a source of pollution, it can be a hazard.

The DOT's Brian Rick says, "People do one of three things when an object is coming towards them. Either they flinch and swerve to avoid it. Two, they slam their breaks, or three, they ride it through. The first two cases can be extremely hazardous."

Cleanup will take place along these routes throughout the year as litter and debris accumulates.

Since receiving the contract, Graham County Land Company has been removing litter and debris at a rate as high as 1,000 pounds per mile.

So far the Graham County Land Company has removed nearly 200 tons of trash from North Carolina roadways.