Special Election

GREENVILLR, NC (WITN) - Congressman Walter B. Jones 3rd Congressional District seat will remain empty until North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper calls for a special election.

Pitt County Elections Director Dave Davis says there is no time-frame for the governor to set the special election date. He says , special elections are often tied into regularly scheduled elections to ease logistics and lower costs.

Davis said, scheduling the 3rd Congressional District race with another election could be difficult in this case because it's so early in the year and the next municipal election isn't until November.

While the timing remains uncertain, it remains up to Governor Cooper to set a primary date. Davis said, "The prevailing candidate from each party would go on to a general election. With it being so early in the year, we'll see how things proceed. It's really all in the hands of the Governor at this point."

Davis thinks the governor will likely consult with the State Board of Elections to see what the best options are because the district includes 17 different counties.