Southern Surgical opens in Greenville with flexible pricing options

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 8:15 PM EST
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A new surgery center is open in Greenville and offering flexible pricing and payment options.

Surgery can be expensive, with even something as simple as a hernia repair costing a few thousand dollars and those costs can be challenging for people without insurance or if insurance doesn't pay for the procedure.

Southern Surgical in Greenville has a bundling price for its patients which includes facility cost, provider, and anesthesia costs.

Lillie Flowers was one of the first patients when Southern Surgical opened in October.

“I have always struggled with my weight, so I asked to have the surgery and I’m so thrilled that I did it. I had the surgery on October 24th and I’ve lost 35 pounds,” Flowers said.

The surgery center specializes in outpatient, laparoscopic surgeries.

Both Dr. Wade Naziri and Dr. William Chapman are board-certified surgeons who specialize in laparoscopic surgeries and started the center.

“I’m hoping to add to the services that our community offers. For people who don’t want to pay insurance or don’t want to pay in cash, this is a great option. We are going to try and compete with medical tourism in terms of pricing and we are going to have very competitive prices,” said Dr. Naziri.

The Southern Surgical all-inclusive campus in Greenville also offers a wide variety of services one may need before or after surgery. Those services include free support groups and free educational classes for patients.

Dr. Naziri says the surgery center has an agreement with some banks and lenders that help make getting and paying a loan for surgery.

The Southern Surgical center is located at 2455 Emerald Place in Greenville.