Snow makes its way into Eastern Carolina

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PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Starting Wednesday evening, Pitt County got another taste of winter weather as scattered snow flurries hit areas like Farmville.

"I like the snow that comes and goes, that stays on the grass and allows you to drive and get where you need to go," says Kathy Small, a Farmville resident.

Luckily, with roads pre-treated and salt covering sidewalks, people were prepared for whatever snow amounts came.

Some people, like Small, say it's not the snow that worries her.

"I think this will be a trace to hardly nothing," she tells WITN. "And I'm more concerned about tomorrow morning with the freeze driving to work than I am tonight with the snow."

While the weather didn't get too out of hand, just the threat of it still had an impact on businesses on Farmville's Main Street.

Many businesses were closed early, while just a few miles away in Greenville, even the potential for bad weather affects business owners who see a drop in clientele.

"I am a massage therapist, so a lot of clients cancel," says Sara Prescott, who owns a business in Greenville. "One, because they don't want to be out in it, and two, it's cold. And that's my sole source of income, so yeah, it hurts a little bit when you don't have that coming in."

During these storms, the biggest concern is road conditions.

Several DOT salt trucks have been seen laying down salt on the main roads as crews work to try and get ahead of any potential issues into the overnight and early morning hours as the temperature continues to drop below the freezing mark.

Officials are still asking people to use extreme caution when traveling on roads, even if they look clear, as rain and ice can make for slippery conditions in the cold weather.