Snow Hill PD searching for suspect after assault on McDonald​’s employee

SNOW HILL, NC (WITN) - Local police are searching for a suspect who they say threw ranch dressing on a teenaged fast food worker and punched her.

It happened at the Snow Hill McDonald’s restaurant and police are still trying to identify the woman seen on security camera footage.

“It’s terrifying to think that you can’t let your child work in public without something like this happening,” said Crystal Mugler, the victim’s mother.

Mugler said it was about 9 p.m. Saturday when the customer and tow others came into the McDonald’s where her daughter Daisy Syner was working.

Syner said there were several unpleasant exchanges with the group of customers before the woman threw ranch dressing at her and attacked her.

Snow Hill Police Sgt. Joshua Smith said the surveillance video from the restaurant did not have audio but shows what happened.

“[The suspect] threw something at the young lady then came behind the counter and punched her in the face,” said Smith.

Daisy Syner said her head hit the wall after the punch and then she went to get her manager. When she came back, the women were gone. Doctors say Syner suffered a concussion.

“It makes me really upset when people come in and they take all of their frustration out on people just trying to work and make money,” said Syner.

Now Syner is recovering and hopes to return to work soon.

“I’m really proud of how she’s handled it,” said Mugler.

Her mother hopes others will help find the woman suspected in the assault and that a valuable lesson is learned.

“This is my child. You have no right to hit anybody but especially a child,” said Mugler.

Sgt. Smith says the two other customers who came in with the suspect will not face any charges. The department is continuing to follow leads but at this time officers don’t know the identity of this suspect.

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to contact the Snow Hill Police Department.