Shore protection group estimates $60 million to rebuild coastline

CARTERET COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc on Eastern Carolina, destroying homes, and businesses and causing problems for our coastline.

According to the Carteret County Shore Protection Office, Hurricane Florence caused area beaches along the Crystal Coast to lose more than $3.6 Million cubic yards of sand.

The damage forced several beach access areas to close due to safety concerns and there is now at least a four foot drop-off on 20 of the 25 miles of Carteret County beaches.

Greg Rudolph with the shore protection group says, the loss of sand is more than any other hurricane has caused. He said, "I think based on the water levels and the damages and some of the other parameters I would say this easily exceeds Fran and Floyd in 96' and 99' respectively and I would say it exceeds Hazel and Ione in the 50's and it probably rivals Donna in 1960."

The renourishment projects, that are required to return the beaches back to normal, will be spread out over the next few years.
Experts estimate it could cost $60 million dollars. They say it's a price worth paying since the sand is used as protection and a major economic driver.