Shelters opening for Tropical Storm Michael

EASTERN CAROLINA (WITN) - At least three emergency shelters are opening across Eastern Carolina for anyone who doesn't have a safe place to ride out whatever impacts Tropical Storm Michael brings.

Bertie County:
An emergency shelter will be open at the Cashie Convention Center in the HTM Building on County Farm Road starting at 5pm Thursday. The shelter will provide water, MRE's and cots. It will be open until the storm clears Friday. A state of emergency is in effect for Bertie County.

Onslow County:
A shelter opened at the county offices located at 4024 Richlands Highway, just outside of Jacksonville. It opened at 9:00 a.m. Thursday.

Wayne County:
An emergency shelter will be open at the Salvation Army, 610 N. William St. in Goldsboro starting at 8am Thursday. People are asked to bring personal hygiene items, medication and any specific supplies you may need to care for young children or the elderly.