Senator Tillis changes course, does not vote against Trump emergency order

Image License Photo: Bob Nichols / USDA

WASHINGTON, DC (WITN) North Carolina U.S. Senator Thom Tillis, who spoke out about President Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the southwest border, changed course Thursday when it came time to vote to reject the deal.

While the Senate voted 59-41 to cancel Trump's February proclamation of a border emergency, which he invoked to spend $3.6 billion more for border barriers than Congress had approved, Senator Tillis did not side with the Democrats or twelve other Republican Senators in rejecting the declaration.

Following the vote Tillis issued a statement saying, "I agree with President Trump that there is a crisis at our southern border and have always supported his desire to build new infrastructure and barriers. "The concerns I've raised were never about what President Trump is trying to accomplish but rather with setting a precedent that a future Democratic president would exploit to bypass Congress to implement policies well outside the mainstream. Over the past several weeks, I've met with the Vice President and senior White House staff to build consensus on amending the National Emergencies Act to prevent a future left-wing president from misusing their authority. I'm incredibly encouraged by the historic commitment from the President to restore proper balance between the executive and legislative branches. While the Trump Administration is working in good-faith with Congress to amend the National Emergencies Act, Democratic leaders have outright rejected attempts to do so, in addition to calling the dire situation at the southern border a 'manufactured crisis.' In the coming weeks, I'll continue to work with the White House and my Republican colleagues on a long-term solution, and I hope some of my Democratic colleagues will join us."

President Trump has said he will veto the Senate's action.