Scammers pose as Microsoft tech support

Published: May. 30, 2019 at 6:54 AM EDT
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New Bern police say callers are posing as Microsoft tech support employees to gain access to your personal information.

The caller will say that your computer needs an upgrade or has a virus they need to fix.

They will try to lure you to a website that lets them to gain access to your computer virtually. They say this will allow them to fix the problem, when in reality, they're gaining access to anything you keep on your computer, like personal messages, e-mails, documents and payment information.

Some reports say the scammer will even wipe your computer of all of its files.

Experts have offered the following tips to avoid falling victim:

• If someone calls you and says they are with the tech support team, hang up. Microsoft will never call you unexpectedly to help you with your computer. You'll need to reach out to them for help.

• Never let someone have control over your computer and never share passwords with anyone you don't know.

• Never click on any links that you weren't expecting to receive. If you get a pop-up ad or e-mail, delete it and call the Microsoft tech support team yourself if you have any real concerns about a virus on your computer.

New Bern police say people in the area have received these calls, but anyone can be targeted at anytime.

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