STRESSED? Think outside the box to try and beat social distancing and isolation stress

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - As millions of people are practicing social distancing or isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic.

20-minute nature walk could decrease stress

Not only is the virus causing people to feel more stressed, but a lack of social activity and restrictions might add more stress.

We know this is a new normal for everyone, but it's a great opportunity to pursue different potential stress relievers.

-Reconnect with old friends or extended family. Do you have a former co-worker you were close with 10 years ago, but have lost touch? Send them a message if you can. Catch up! Most of the time, relationships become distant because of time, location, or schedule changes. This is a chance to catch up because chances are the schedules line up.

-Try home workouts. If going to the gym is a stress outlet for you, you can still get workouts at home. Various apps have good suggestions.

-Have a recipe you want to try? Now is the time! This could be something you make regularly for years and years to come. It might just be the start of the next best thing to come from your kitchen!

-FaceTime or video calls. This is a different way of catching up with friends or family, or even family pets!

Don't forget to check in on your loved ones. This is a time for everyone to come together and check in on each other.